What is my Japanese names

Japanese names are different and interesting. They are written beautifully and are spelled in a very fancy mannerism.

Japanese language is not simply a language but it’s an art with hint of calculations and this makes this language so popular all across the world in spite of the nation itself being small and the community where it is the first language is not very populated.

Still the language has drawn all towards it self.In Japan, like the rest of the other world the name is of immense significance and is written in kanji but the foreign names are written in katakona and spelled phonetically.

The strokes made while writing the names determines the luck factor and is used for fortune telling purposes.  Monish is a very interesting Indian name which means Lord of mind. With different spellings and pronunciation that it has in its own language makes it a very popular and commonly used name.

Therefore getting the same name written in any of the other language could be very interesting.Having my name in Japanese will mark my personal space in the language and create my mark in the language.

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